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Next part of the journey in Sardinia for the students of Erasmus+ project MO.R.E.

Tuesday 10th november, the 3 students in BTEC digital electonic systems and their partners of the Erasmus + project MO.R.E. made an excursion inland. The visited the Sassu museum in Thiesi and a cheese factory specialist of Pecorino Romano and Pecorino Sardo

In Torralba, the students had the chance to visit Santu Antine nuraghe, an antical construction made by the nuragic civilization who peopled Sardinia 3500 years ago.

Finally the afternoon ended in Bosa at the seafront, at fiume Temo’s mouth, the only navigable river in Saridnia.

Wednesday 11th november, the portuguese students animated a workshop on applications for mobile phones able to pilot LegoMindstorms robots via bluetooth. The partners could then test different programs made by the Italians to let the robot follow a black line automatically.

During the teachers’ meeting to organise the rest of the Erasmus+ project, especially with the learning mobility for teachers in february in Pau, the students spent the afternoon doing sport, principally basket-ball and soccer.

Thursday 12th november, pupils from several primary schools in Sassari cmae to IPIA to participate to the robot race contest. They used mobile phones and application found by portuguese students to drive the robots built by the Italians. One circuit lap was automatically timed thanks to system created by the french team.

The fastest pilots were rewarded and after the ceremony, the highschool’s headmaster Paolo Acone and the representative of the cultural department of Sassari’s city council paid tribute to this very rewarding experience for all students and pupils.

In the afternoon, an amazing show has been offered in the school’s board’s yard by flags jugglers (sbanderiatori in italian), coached by Danilo Nardi, partner teacher of Erasmus+ project. The partners could then learn basic moves in a very friendly atmosphere.

Students in Sardinia for the Erasmus+ project MO.R.E.

Sunday 8th november 2015, three students in electronics vocational school took a plane in Toulouse to fly to Sardinia. During their transit in Roma, their portuguese partners joined them.

Monday 10th november, after being welcomed by the director assistant, all the partners visited the IPIA (vocational institute for industry and handcraft) and they discovered the different specialties of this school (fashion, electronics, domotics and mechanics). After the visit, the different teams presented their countries, regions and schools.

Later, our three french students animated an electronics workshop to teach the italian, portuguese and slovenian partners how to use a 7 segments display and a laser light detection barrier. Indeed, the aim of this week is to organise a robot race contest and our students are responsible for the automatic timing with detection of the robot crossing the finish line. The week will be filled of meetings and discoveries!

Erasmus+ project MO.R.E. : bac pro SEN students in Slovenia

As part of the Erasmus + project funded by the European Commission, 3 students spent one week in Slovenia, along with their electronic teacher, Daniel Duprat, and their english teacher, Helene Lauzet. They arrived monday morning at Ljubljana airport and reached then Medvode to meet the other partners from Portugal, Italy and of course the Slovenian families in which they are hosted.

Arrivée à l'aéroport de Ljubljana

Arrival at Ljubljana’s airport

The week has been very busy with several workshops planned on three themes: robotics, programming application for smartphones and tablets and of course electronics. Our students showed the young Slovenian pupils both projects they had prepared: a system to measure the sound intensity in a room and another to measure the growth conditions of a plant, illumination, humidity and air temperature, soil humidity. These systems are controlled using the Arduino programmable boards.

These workshops were an opportunity to learn new skills in subjects that do not fall directly within their field but which will certainly help them in their academic and professional future. The multiple exchanges during this week course helped them to improve also in English.

Video showing Medvode school’s visit :

Video of workshops :